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Who We Are

The CSW Consulting Team


Rose Chastain

Co-founder, Senior Consultant

Meet Mrs. Chastain, Co-founder of Your Natural Healthcare, a visionary driven by her unwavering belief that individuals should have the power to choose their own path to wellness. With over two decades of experience in the field, she identified a crucial gap in the market and set out to fill it, giving birth to Your Natural Healthcare—a transformative platform offering natural remedies for holistic well-being.

As a Partner and Co-founder of CSW Consultancy, Mrs. Chastain brings her expertise to the realm of personal and professional development, business establishment and growth, and executive coaching. Renowned for her ability to inspire breakthrough results, she has empowered an impressive count of 14,000 individuals through training in public speaking and leadership.

Mrs. Chastain's consultancy career spans more than 20 years, during which she has guided individuals and organizations alike towards achieving extraordinary outcomes in their lives and businesses. Her impact knows no bounds, having collaborated with over 5,000 startups, Fortune 500 companies, and non-profit organizations during her certification as a scaling business expert by the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business—the pinnacle of business education in the United States.

Before embarking on her consultancy journey, Rose held pivotal roles as a trainer, speaker, and manager within one of the world's largest personal development organizations. Leading with accountability, she spearheaded operations across the South-West Region of the U.S., overseeing a staggering workforce of over 20,000 individuals and driving revenue growth by an impressive 30 percent.

With an uncanny ability to manifest dreams into reality, Mrs. Chastain excels in several key areas:

Translating individuals' aspirations into actionable plans

Cultivating innate leadership qualities and unleashing personal power

Mastering financial controls and optimizing cost measures

Nurturing wealth and relationship capital

Identifying and eliminating professional and personal bottlenecks

Empowering individuals to become fearless CEOs of their own ventures

Through her boundless dedication and expertise, Mrs. Chastain paves the way for individuals to transform their lives and businesses, embarking on a remarkable journey towards unparalleled success and fulfillment.

William Wong

Co-founder, Senior Consultant

Introducing William Wong, a seasoned entrepreneur and the Co-Founder and Partner of CSW Business Coaching. With a lifetime of business experience, William's passion lies in turning dreams into reality, a belief that forms the foundation of CSW Business Coaching's mission—to make your success our business.


As a professional speaker and International Business Consultant/Strategist, William collaborates with leaders from diverse industries, ranging from medical professionals and CPAs to CEOs of commercial and private enterprises. With a global consulting reach across six continents and thirty-eight countries, including extensive work throughout America, he possesses a remarkable ability to help business leaders excel in their fields and dominate their industries.


It's not uncommon to find William engaged in discussions with investors, CEOs, developers, or politicians, always in the midst of another deal or cause. Starting and growing businesses while making a tangible impact on people's lives is his true passion.


Beyond his work at CSW Consultancy, William also serves as a Division Manager for EVO Platinum Services Group, where he oversees numerous sales divisions. Guided by principles of honesty and integrity, his team provides bank-card processing and gift & rewards programs to businesses of all types.


Throughout his career, William has achieved numerous noteworthy accomplishments. He founded Unity Properties LLC, a Real Estate Consulting Company that successfully raised over $8 million in capital for acquiring commercial buildings totaling over 500k sq. ft. Additionally, as the Vice President of Sales at DSS Software Technologies, he spearheaded the growth of the sales division from its humble beginnings to a multi-office operation across the nation.


Innovating the retail market, William pioneered a groundbreaking business model called LocalizIt. This alliance brought independently owned local businesses together, empowering them to compete effectively against chain and big-box establishments.


For over 12 years, William led personal development programs for one of the world's largest personal development companies. His contributions have positively impacted countless businesses, relationships, non-profit organizations, mergers, and legacies.


Entrepreneurship runs deep in William's veins, with his journey beginning at the tender age of eight, working in his parents' restaurant. This ingrained work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit are deeply embedded in the culture and values of his company. William's personal mission is to ensure that individuals like his parents have the opportunity to defy the odds and create thriving businesses.


With his wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to empowering others, William Wong continues to shape the business landscape, inspiring entrepreneurs and leaving an indelible mark on the world.

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