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We are on a journey!  We are not headed towards a destination or financial goal or market share or name recognition.
We are re-igniting the human spirit and operating in the physical world honoring everything with no one and nothing left out.


Coach & Partner

As Co-Founder of CSW Business Consulting and Partner, Rose excels in coaching executives and their teams, personal & professional development, and the formulation and scaling of businesses. Rose is masterful in training people committed to breakthrough results.


Over the past 20 years, she has effectively coached people internationally, both individually and in groups, to produce exceptional results in their businesses and lives.


Rose has been certified as an expert in scaling business by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, has worked with over 5,000 Startups and Fortune 500 companies, as well as Non-Profit Organizations.


In addition to her business savvy, Rose was a senior regional manager (increasing revenues by 30 percent), trainer, and speaker for one of the world’s largest personal development organizations.


Rose is a master at bringing peoples dreams into physical reality!


Rose’s sweet spots are:

• Unleashing your natural leadership and power

• Creating operational result producing structures

• Building wealth and relationship capital

• Killer marketing

• Developing you as a Bad Ass CEO!


Rose can be reached at 415-407-7104


Coach & Partner

William, Co-Founder, and Partner brings a lifetime of multidimensional entrepreneurial experience.  From the age of eight, working at his parent’s restaurant, his deep-rooted work ethic and bold spirit are established in the CSW values and culture. 


As an international speaker and business consultant, William works with business leaders who want to be remarkable in their field and dominate their industry. He is responsible for the thriving success of multiple businesses, relationships, nonprofits, mergers - legacies that exist out of the work he has done.


William has also generated numerous successful sales organizations and has a residual income portfolio in the Bank Card Processing Industry.  As a result, CSW Business Coaching can provide banking services for your business.


William also brings a deep background of accomplishment in real estate investment, having raised over $8 million in capital for the acquisition of commercial buildings.


William’s game:

• Creating powerful revenue

• Producing unconstrained and unlimited results

• Potent pathways and partnerships

• Developing wealth generating operations


William can be reached at 510-282-0654

Rebecca Jehorek

Coach & Problem solver

Rebecca brings deep and far-reaching experience from diverse sectors - from the government (with security clearance) to large biotech corporations, software development to start-ups, personal and professional training to insurance.


Often managing multiple projects and contracts concurrently, and partnering with industry leaders, she has had the opportunity (and necessity) to discern and implement efficiency (Kaizen, Six Sigma, Lean, Agile…) principles.


In addition to her project-based accomplishments, Rebecca has delivered over 450 courses, seminars, programs and workshops for communication, personal effectiveness, and breakthrough performance to over 15,000 participants for one of the world’s largest international personal and professional development companies.


As both a fierce team player and potent solo agent, she has a PASSION for having things work - effective, elegant processes that sing, and is a recognized expert for designing and delivering need-driven, high-performance training and development.


Rebecca thrives with:

• Taking your game/vision to the next level

• Saving money, freeing time, delivering optimal operations

• Causing breakthrough communication

• Resolving the biggest problem you got


Rebecca can be reached at 303-803-5043

Mary Halstead

One who makes everything work

Mary is a natural born entrepreneur and a bit of a workaholic. She’s a dedicated wife and mother and when she isnt working, she is running fundraisers for the school.


Mary is passionate about helping others, especially those who cannot help themselves. There's a special place in her heart for animal rescue, foster kids and the elderly, and she actively contributes to these groups. She has an innate ability to shape herself for every situation and loves a good challenge or opportunity to learn and grow.  


Mary is also quite passionate about natural wellness. She has spent a decade educating families around the globe how to rid their homes of harsh chemicals and to naturally support their health, with special focus on essential oils.

She loves to empower others with the tools they need to take control of their health, happiness and finances!

If you are interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle while growing a thriving business, Mary is the one to talk to. The People who work with CSW business coaching are happy to have Mary in their corner. She makes sure the CSW team and their clients thrive!

Mary can be reached at 530-305-6111